1. Purchasing policy

Dear Business Partners / Suppliers,
The goal of the purchasing policy established in the LIBET group is the effective planning and making purchases on the most beneficial trade conditions while maintaining the highest quality of obtained materials, goods and services. Work based on the consistent purchasing policy allows us to effectively strengthen the cooperation with our current Trading Partners as well as ensures new contacts with new goods and services suppliers.

Basic principles of LIBET purchasing policy
Preparation of a strategy and binding procedures according to the needs of the Company specify the manner of operation in the scope of performed purchases, supervision over the List of Qualified Suppliers, verification and control of all purchased resources, spare parts, materials and services. As part of the binding purchasing policy we select our suppliers by way of tenders and requests for proposal.

2. Become a supplier

In contacts with our Suppliers we rely on principles, which shall ensure optimization of costs and guarantee efficiency and confidentiality of information which, in effect, combined with the knowledge and experience of our business partners, shall have a positive influence on our products. The key quality criteria for cooperation include:

  • Best required quality in relation to price
  • Observance of supply deadlines and reliability
  • High readiness to cooperate and provide servicing
  • Maintaining long term trade contacts
  • Proposing new technological solutions

All interested suppliers, who are able to file a competing offer that corresponds to the requirements of the Libet Group are welcomed to cooperate.
Currently we are looking for tenders especially for the below mentioned product groups:

  • Resources for the production of: sand, grit, concrete additives.
  • Packaging: stretch type foil, big bag sacks, tape with logo, palettes, wood
  • Consumables: machine parts, electric parts, parts for forklifts and loaders, diesel fuel, oils and smears, forms
  • Transportation services: dump trucks, open trailers with sides
  • Marketing – advertising services
  • Remaining: electric energy, security services, Health and Safety products, office materials,

3. General purchasing conditions

Ogólne warunki zakupu

Libet – General purchasing conditions

4. Contact us

Employees of the Purchasing Department shall provide you with all necessary information about the possibility to submit offers and principles of participating in offer submissions.
Please contact the indicated persons – according to the scope of duties provided below – or send the request to the general address zakupy@libet.pl.

Purchasing Department
Sector scope
Barbara Werelich
Procurement Manager
e-mail: barbara.werelich@libet.pl
tel. 71 33 51 178

  • Materials – Additives.

  • Materials – Aggregates.

  • Materials – Cement.

  • Materials – Other.

  • Capex - Capital Projects.

  • Consultants - Lab Testing.

  • Consultants - Technical Supervision.

  • Energy - Utilities – Electricity.

  • Fuel – Gas.

  • Mouldage.

  • Logistics – Transport.

  • Cleaning & Security.

  • Telecoms - Landlines & Mobiles.

  • Consultants – It.

Natalia Zawadzka
Procurement Specialist
e-mail: natalia.zawadzka@libet.pl
tel. 71 33 51 176

  • Capex - Capital Projects.

  • Materials – Ashes.

  • Packaging Equipment.

  • Pallets.

  • Fuel – Derv. Fuel – Oil.

  • Fuel – Gas.

  • Oils & Lubricants.

  • Hydraulics & Pneumatics.

  • Electrical & Automation Components.

  • Bearings, Transmission, Bushings, Fastenings & Springs.

  • Electric Motors. Electrical Services.

  • Engineering Consumables.

  • PPE. Safety.

  • IT.

  • Postage, Courier & Freight.

  • Marketing & Advertising.

Martyna Dziewińska
Procurement Specialist

tel. 71 33 51 114

  • Materials – Premium aggregates.

  • Company Cars. Leasing.

  • Tyres.

  • Earthmover & Fork Lift. Plant Hire.

  • Filtration Equipment.

  • Conveyors.

  • Metal Based Products.

  • Mixers & Concrete Plant Spares & Services.

  • Trading Materials.

  • Stationery.

  • Catering & water. Healthcare.

  • Personnel, Recruitment & Training.

  • Travel.

  • Waste Management. Water Services Utilities.

  • Sale of assets.

  • Consultants – Translation.

Anna Reczkowska
e-mail: anna.reczkowska@libet.pl
tel. 71 33 51 162

  • Logistics – Transport.

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